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Peter Prickett - Social Distance Sessions

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Today we were joined by the author of Developing Skill: A Guide To 3v3 Soccer Coaching and Developing Skill 2, soccer/futsal coach, Peter Prickett, to present session ideas for coaches that are returning to train with their teams under restricted conditions. He has just released a session booklet alongside Nathan Blake and Pete Nowakowski and provides an outline of what the book is about in terms of session design objectives. As the conversation moved towards the lockdown in general and how teams are going to react when they get back, I really enjoyed Peter's perspective on how fun and enjoyment should be a high priority for coaches as they plan their work, along with the strong possibility that young players have missed their friends and the game, much more than they have missed structured coaching.

You can watch the a free trial of the presentation below. You can watch the full webinar as well as getting access to TWENTY THREE webinars that we did during the Lockdown by clicking here.

Will you help us support coaches during this time? Our goal is to provide the coaching community with as much daily content as possible in these times of uncertainty. If you enjoy all the free content and would like to support Modern Soccer Coach, please go to our shop and order one of our books.

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Jun 10, 2020

I really enjoy. Thanks

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