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Modern Soccer Coach Community Platform

With so much uncertainty currently in the coaching community, we have decided to open up our resources at Modern Soccer Coach Community Platform, alongside Coach Logic, and make our weekly content free for the foreseeable future. Coaches will be able to register for the site and join in the conversations in the Team Room, as well as having the ability to access the Video Room and see our database of content. Click here to sign up and get free access

What are some features of the MSC Community Platform?

1. Tactical Insights

It's not always easy to provide depth in social media posts, so we have regular Tactical Tutorials and webinars that are designed to look a little closer at different aspects of the game and how we can apply them to out environment. Below is an clip from Gary Curneen on 'Coaching a Medium Block' where he broke it down into three specific areas and provided session ideas. This content will be available in the Video Room.

2. Guest Contributions

The community is always looking for coaches to share their views and experiences alongside their own teams. Throughout the last five years, we have collected a number of presentations from our own MSC Coaching Workshops and Conferences, and have uploaded to the site. Below is a clip of Erwin van Bennekom giving a presentation on the Duke University Game Model from 2017. This content is available in the Video Room.

3. Exercise Database

There are over 300 exercises that we have selected, animated and uploaded into the Video Room for coaches to look at. The objective is to provide more ideas for coaches in session planning and also organize these sessions in the Video Room so they are easy to find and can become a useful resource for coaches as they plan their sessions.

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