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Michael Skubala - Lessons from Elite Level Futsal

Gary was recently joined by England Futsal Team Head Coach & technical performance manager, Michael Skubala. Futsal is a game that quite often has wrong gotten a reputation as a technical development tool for the 11v11 game, but with a closer look we can see that the tactical concepts and principles are very much ingrained in all four moments of the game. Below is an example of a goal from the highest level from Barcelona. You can see the quality of rotations and combination play to create the opportunity on goal.

To check out a little more about Michael's work with England, here is a fantastic article detailing his philosophy, culture and environment.

In the interview Michael discusses lessons and detail from the futsal game including:

- Facilitating decision making in the game - Managing an average of 80 substitutions per game - Technical and tactical demands of world class futsal players - Coaching accountability in moments of transition - 'My Game, Our Game, Your Game' tactical methodology

You can watch the full interview below.

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