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Kris Van Der Haegen on Belgium Model of Player Development

I wanted to get Kris Van Der Haegen on the MSC Podcast for quite some time and he certainly did not disappoint with yesterday's conversation. His insight into the Belgium model of player development was fascinating. Although the national team struggles in Euro 200 were the catalyst for the change, it certainly was not easy as Kris explained how structures were changed, coaching behavior was shifted, and a true 'player-centered' approach emerged. It was fascinating (and inspiring) to hear about the challenges that Kris and other coaches overcame and how the foundations were built for the current generation of world-class players. From a personal point of view, I loved Kris' analogy with coaching environment and diet. Too much of anything is not good, he advised and provoked us all the think about where we need to shift our thinking, both at youth and senior levels. Really enjoyed this conversation and will hopefully get Kris back on again in the near future.

You can watch the full interview here:

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