Istvan Beregi: Set-Pieces

On Saturday we were joined by Match Analyst for Hungarian Football Federation and  set-piece specialist, István Beregi, to present on set pieces and how coaches can be more efficient with their time on the training pitch, as well as more detailed with their scouting in this area. The detail in this presentation is phenomenal. I really like the way that he begins with the data to support his work, and then this leads to how he explains his views on structure and theory of coaching set-pieces. Personally, I've always been a fan of players on both posts, and always questioned coaches who chose not to do so. This is the first time I've seen data presented on the drawbacks of it, so it's something I'm already re-considering. Because the presentation had some clips from professional games, we had to split it into two parts but I think you'll find it fascinating from start to finish and that it provides so many ways that you coaches can help structure set-pieces on both sides of the ball, throughout the season.

Below is part one of István's presentation.

Here is part two of the presentation, with the clips and examples from professional games, as well as the Q&A segment with the coaches in attendance and myself.

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