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Brian Deane: Coaching Forwards and Goal-Scorers

Last week we were joined by the scorer of the first ever goal in the FA Premier League in 1992, Brian Deane. He also played in the Premier League for Leeds United and Middlesbrough as well as playing top-flight football in Portugal and Australia for Benfica and Perth Glory, as well as England. He was also the manager of the Norwegian side Sarpsborg 08 and club owner of Football Superleague of Kosovo side Ferizaj.

The first goal in the history of the Premier League did not bring back good memories for me personally. I was a passionate Manchester United fan growing up and remember clearly the start of the 1992/93 season as United had just been pipped to the title by Leeds United the previous season. We all have high hopes when a new season begin's but when Peter Schmeichel was caught in no man's land and Brian swooped for the first goal, I had already resigned myself to another season of heartache. There was a happy ending however as Manchester United, despite losing that game, became the first ever Premier League champions nine months later.

I really enjoyed Brian's perspective on how the game has changed in many ways, but how challenging individuals and making them better will always be a key component. The player has a responsibility, Brian argues, but coaches must work alongside them to create the environment, connect with them personally, and provide quality perspective into their game. I loved his insight into how his old club coach would come to watch him at Leeds and point out small weaknesses in his game where he could still improve on. The center forward position is a unique one and seems to become more of a mental game as the player progresses to the senior and professional game. Are we doing enough to maximize the potential of our players in this area? Brian has some powerful perspective on this.

You can listen to the full podcast episode below:

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