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Adin Osmanbasic Pressing Webinar

Friday afternoons are usually associated with people mentally switching off and preparing to enjoy the weekend. This was certainly not the case for the coaches who attended Adin Osmanbasic's presentation on Pressing. With his work in the coaching community, the Spielverlagerung articles, and now working at Atlanta United Academy, many were expecting Adin to bring a level of detail, and he certainly did that. Throughout the presentation, it was fascinating to hear the 'why' behind his thinking and then how to simplify the 'what' and the 'how'. Probably the biggest takeaway for me was his perspective on training, towards the end of his presentation. "Most of us are doing the same things", Adin said, referencing session layouts and exercises. The differences are the "detailed understanding of concepts" along with the "know-how of making the idea actionable" and then successfully bringing it out in a game. I thought this was really powerful advice at all levels, not to fall into a trap of a formation or a session plan, but rather falling in love with the process of teaching and impacting our players so they can bring it out when it matters most.

You can watch the full presentation along wth Q&A here.

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