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Henrik Teisbæk Podcast Takeaways

I was recently joined on the MSC Podcast by Veo CEO, Henrik Teisbæk, to talk about how youth and amateur teams can video their games, and then potentially create opportunities for revenue streams and connections when the games resume. Video analysis has become mainstream in recent years, with the coaching community benefitting from an in-depth insights into the tactical component of the game. This has found it's way into the individual player development piece where coaches can now sit down with players and use visuals to communicate their points and deliver their feedback.

Henrik's objective with Veo is for this movement to expand to the amateur and grassroots level as well. The vast majority of game around the world are not recorded, he explains, so people are missing out on opportunities to educate and promote their teams and players. As the conversation moved towards revenue streams for clubs, I'm fascinated to see if it will Henrik's vision can challenge and help clubs move their business models from a traditional advertisement role and instead towards media sources where clubs can use high quality video to promote their club. Whether we like it or not, marketing has become a key aspect of youth soccer here in the US. If clubs used video analysis to show their level of detail and processes around player development, I do feel that could differentiate them, and raise the levels of the content that we are producing on social media as well.

Below is a replay of the video, please let me know your thoughts and if you are interested in Veo, please check out the links below.

Veo is the portable, lightweight soccer camera that films games and practices automatically without the need for a camera operator. Once games are recorded, they're sent to the Veo online software. Coaches and players can then create highlights, draw on the screen or even take control of the camera and operate it themselves. With Veo, the possibilities are endless. For more information, please click here.

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