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If you are a coach who is in the process of preparing for preseason and looking for ideas, MSC is here to help with a huge offer! Our limited time, special package offers a number of preseason resources that can help with session design and ways to implement your training philosophy on the grass. The package feature a variety of different resources that coaches can use to plan and adapt to their session, as well as adding different dimensions to their game model. 

Our Pre-Season Bundle includes the following: 


- MSC 20 Full Attacking Training Sessions eBook

- MSC 30 Small Sided Possession Games (PowerPoint with video)

- MSC 30 High-Tempo Passing Exercises (PowerPoint with video)

- MSC 30 High-Intensity Pressing Exercises eBook

- MSC Set—Piece Package (includes the following)

                 1. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Swansea City Set-Piece Coach, Andy Parslow

                 2. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Hungarian Football Federation analyst, Istvan Beregi

                 3. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Chelsea Women Opposition Analyst, Cam Meighan

                 4. MSC Set-Piece Webinar with Oliver Gage (Canadian Premier League), Mark Spalding (Glasgow Rangers), Rade Tanaskovic (University of Georgia), and Peter Ramage (Newcastle United)


Save 50% on the resources above. Offer expires soon!!!


Special Offer! MSC Pre-Season Bundle!

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