Gary Curneen will take coaches through an intensive four week course where they will take specific themes and discuss them in-depth through webinars, along with assignments where coaches will get feedback on their work. Coaches will cover philosophy, tactical analysis and session design, as well as looking at ways they can improve their environment to maximize the time they have with their team. The course will be split into four weeks with a webinar and assignment on each one and is ideal for a coach who is looking at continuing their development and putting effective processes in place. Flexibility is a major component of the course as all webinars are available on-demand, and there are no fixed deadlines.


Frequently Asked Questions


What level is the course designed for? 

The course is primarily designed for coaches working in the age range 14 years old and upwards to college. Before the course begins, all coaches will complete a pre-course form and outline what level they are at and where they would like to go in their coaching career. This information is then taken into consideration throughout the feedback process after every assingment, so the feedback is adapted effectively. 


What time are the weekly webinars? 

The weekly webinars will take place at 11am EST (4pm UK Time). However, if you miss them, they will be available on-demand within 24 hours. 


Typically what are the time requirements for the assigments? 

Each assignment should take no more than two hours per week. 


What if I am coaching a team in addition to the course?

Even better! You can also work on your current processes and submit them with the assignments for feedback from Gary. 


Are there any other resources available other than the webinars? 

Yes. For each topic we will have an additional resource page available for all the coaches that will have a review of the topic, as well as videos from the MSC Archives, sharing different ideas and good practice as it relates to the topic. 




What Have Others Said About The Course? 


"Very professional with a lot of details and resources. Great insight on creating your own philosophy, game model, and aligning your model with an anlysis system. Highly recommended." - Rafal Murawski 


"Very grateful to have worked with Gary on the course. Great timing as I prepare for the upcoming season and professional development." - Sinead McSharry


"Focused review of creating a game model, identifying key principles, and what data to use to support the model. Recommend wholeheartedly!" - Jay Draves


"Thanks Gary for the deep dive into myself as a coach. Glad to see things a little differently as I'll be better for my players and a smarter contributor for the game." - Marvin Miller 


"Thank you Gary for 'holding a mirror up for me' this past month. I appreciate your honesty and feedback. Love your work and am analyzing every aspect of my program with a refined lens. Thank you sir and God bless!" - Kerry Castillo 



August Coach Mentorship Program

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