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Sergio Gonzalez Live Interview & Takeaways

Yesterday we were joined by Indiana University Associate Head Coach and Goalkeeper Coach, Sergio Gonzalez, who presented on ways that goalkeepers can be incorporated into training sessions. It's often a challenge in environments where the club or coach does not have the luxury of having their own specific goalkeeper coach and is often left to work it out themselves. However, the biggest challenge that I think Sergio addressed in the presentation was how clubs and teams that do actually have access to a goalkeeper coach, but are not working in an efficient or effective manner. In the modern game, Sergio argues, you cannot have a complete separation between keeper and the team, both in philosophy and training session. I really enjoyed how he challenged coaches to embrace the chaos of training. I'm not a goalkeeper coach, and certainly not an expert, but I've wondered for a long time in the synchronized serves was really an effective way to train at the highest level. Sergio was kind enough to share the slides and video from the presentation and you can download here.

You can watch the full presentation and discussion below:

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