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Coaching Pressing Interview

Earlier this year I did an interview with Vin Blaine for his 'On The Sideline' podcast around the subject of Pressing. We talk about the book that I wrote in 2017 and specifically how coaches can move towards the level of detail required for the system to become effective at the highest level. We also discuss the best ways to train it, the most efficient ways to measure our progress, as well as identifying the importance of establishing a culture and a certain environment around the tactical system that compliments and reinforces messages on the training pitch. To read the Modern Soccer Coach: Pressing book, please click here.

Below is a clip from a recent Pressing workshop that I did with Modern Soccer Coach in the summer. This particular segment addresses the theme of how teams today must be adaptable defensively. With the game evolving to where teams have multiple ways to build and rotate players, surely the next step for a team defensively is to be fluid and adaptable, as opposed to be equipped with one set solution from the coaching staff. To access the full webinar, please click here.

Below is the full interview with Vin. If you would like to listen to the podcast episode on iTunes, please click here.

This episode was sponsored by the Miami Soccer Convention, whose 2nd event is coming on December 17th & 18th, 2020 completely online! This week starts the unveiling of our top tier presenters that include former and current experienced coaches working in MLS, national teams, top South American clubs, former Copa Sudamericana Champions, and also a former player with Champions League and Italian National team experience from teams such as AC Milan & Juventus.Go to or @soccercovention on instagram to register!

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